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A big sound library alone is not sufficient to make your customers happy. They actually have to find the right sound in this library. And the bigger the library is, the harder it is. Jamahook helps you to deliver the right sound to your customers in a hyper personalized way.

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Less is more

Every day, we are confronted with an abundance of content and just the sheer size of it is not enough anymore to attract customers. Think of the recommending systems embedded into video and streaming portals, hyper personalized offerings at e-commerce sites and personalized news feeds in social media platforms.

You might ask yourself:

"How can less be more if more is more?"

Yngwie Malmsteen

A giant catalogue of loops presents your customers with the problem of finding the needle (the sound they need) in the haystack. And the bigger the haystack is, the longer it will take them to find it.

Chances are that only a tiny fraction of your offering is relevant to your customer. Your customer might need a loop in a specific key, with specific beats per minute. The relevant loops in your catalogue for every user will be a fraction of your total offering. The fraction might be even as low as 0.04% of your total offering.

Total Sounds in a Library 1,000,000 100%
Sounds with correct bpm e.g. 90 in a range of 60 - 180 8,300 1%
Sounds with correct key e.g. C major in 24 keys 41,700 4%
Sounds with correct bpm and key 350 0.035%

So, giving your customer the proposition of 350 hyper relevant loops in comparison to random 1.000.000 million sounds will optimize their experience, increase chances of a purchase and make your customers happier.

And this is how “less is more”.

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Jamahook listens to your customers

Jamahook understands what your customer needs. And we do this by actually listening to them, and more specifically: We listen to the music they are creating, understand what it is and find the relevant sounds in huge sound libraries that will fit their music. Jamahook is a digital service that hyper personalizes loop and sound offerings to each and every customer and do the heavy lifting of searching the haystack for them.

"But our customers can already filter our catalogue!"

Correctly filtering a loop catalogue presumes that your customer knows how to correctly obtain the information in order to do so. Great producers are not necessarily great musicians. Are they able to understand in which key a track is? Are they able to exactly get the beats per minute of a track they are working on? And even if they are: How much time will it take them do get that information?

Jamahook can analyze any given track and extracts information about beats per minute, harmony, rhythm and even timbre. And is able to find complementing sounds with a unique matching algorithm in your sound libraries for your clients.

How does Jamahook work?

Analyze Audio

Jamahook analyses audio data.

Extract Metadata

We understand the data and create fingerprints of every sound.

Compare Sounds

Based on the dimensions beats per minute, harmony, rhythm and timbre, we compare sounds.

Create Suggestions

We suggest sounds that will sound well with the audio we analyzed.

Jamahook can analyze any audio file with its unique matching algorithm co-developed with the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany (inventors of the mp3 format). We create a profile for each sound file in the dimensions of beats per minute, harmony, rhythm and timbre. We understand which instruments are played in a sound file. And we are able to cluster sounds together that will work together, because they share similar properties in bpm, harmony, rhythm and timbre.

Example classification

{ "kefir-classification" : { "id" : "classification", "segment" : { "id" : "1", "task" : [ { "annotation" : [ { "confidence" : "0.69459", "id" : "13", "name" : "Speech" } ], "id" : "Style" }, { "annotation" : [ { "confidence" : "0.674124", "id" : "1", "name" : "Aggressive" } ], "id" : "Mood" }, { "annotation" : [ { "confidence" : "0.564285", "id" : "3", "name" : "Brass" } ], "id" : "Instrument" }, { "annotation" : { "id" : "1", "name" : "BPM", "value" : "88.9113" }, "id" : "BPM_task" } ] }, "tuid" : "1" } }

Jamahook can be integrated into any application and even hardware via its powerful REST-API that can easily be accessed over the internet. It makes the Jamahook experience available in any service that wants to deliver hyper personalized sounds to its customers.

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